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Retained Search means we manage the process for you and we send you the best candidates because we have a guarantee and contract with you and we know what you need because we spend the time to develop the criteria alongside you; some companies want to use a ‘pay for success approach’ by engaging a contingent search firm. The problem with contingent search is the firm is going to send the best candidates to as many companies as possible with no commitment to you. As such, you may not see the best people for your job and they are sending these candidate profiles to multiple companies. In some cases the candidates they send you may not even be interested in you, the contingent firm may talk to the candidates after they get an interest bite from you. If you are willing to pay a fee for a search, you should hire a firm on a retainer to ensure that your needs and requirements are met.  We work to exceed them!

We look at the client company as well as the candidate to match skills, experiences, culture and personality. In her career Gwen has worked on hiring literally thousands of candidates. Over the past six years Gierke Jungbauer Human Capital has assisted more than 100 companies in hiring around 150 candidates. Roles we’ve filled include Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources Director, Recruiting Manager, Director of Marketing, Controller, and many more. While it’s true we’ve helped our clients hire employees at all levels, we do focus on senior-level staffing. These roles validate the value proposition of using retained search. We’re positioned to help you quickly identify the best candidates so you have a choice to select the best person for your role! How do we do this? We have our process that Gwen developed over the years in Fortune 500 companies, that we know works for our customers.

We've helped scores of great companies hire employees at all levels

Our Proven Process

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Why pay a search firm to hire someone?

Why pay if I can just use Indeed to hire directly? Using Indeed makes sense for a lower-paying hourly role that may turn over frequently. If you’re seeking to see the best candidates and want to identify the best fit for your company’s unique culture, you want to see all the candidates, not just the few that you know of through word of mouth. The selection process you follow is also critical. It must be consistent and based upon job related criteria to be defensible no matter where you sourced each candidate. Many clients hire us even if they have a couple candidates on their own to ensure a thorough objective selection process.


One of the great advantages of using a retained recruiter is the substantially reduced time it takes to put your new team member in place. It can cost less cash to hire directly, but a skilled recruiter can bring you a slate of candidates who meet the criteria you’ve established so you’re positioning your candidate and your company for success, and do so in much less time. Time is money, so while you’re not paying a recruiter you’re also not seeing all available candidates and you’re losing time conducting your own search.  We’ve helped several successful companies attract and on-board new leaders and would love to share more about Gierke Jungbauer Human Capital’s Retained Search practice.

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